Happy Birthday Wishes in English


Happy birthday wishes in English for wife, sister, girlfriend , friends, mother, brother, dad, images, greeting cards etc.

Best Happy birthday wishes in English

1. You can celebrate your birthday by thinking about all you have done in the past

 or you can celebrate it by thinking about all that is possible in the future.

Happy Birthday Wishes in English

2. When the world works right,

 good things happen to and

for good people and you are definitely good people.

 Happy Birthday!

3. The more birthdays we celebrate,

 the harder it is for us to breathe,

 just like having boogers.

 Best birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes in English

4. May you live as long as you want and

never want as long as you live.

5. Happy Birthday,

 bro’ guess who loves you? Me!

Have an awesome day.

6. Wow! there is definitely something different about you.

 Oh, I know. You are one year older. Happy Birthday!

7. Yup its my Birthday yaaay me..

 or, Its my Birthday so make sure you

 wish me happy birthday lol.

Happy Birthday Wishes in English

Birthday wishes for friends

8. Here’s to a very happy and colorful birthday

from the person who admires you the most.

9. As you celebrate another wonderful year,

 I wish you a day as lovely as the love that you share.

10. My therapist suggests setting clear goals in life,

 such as living until your next birthday.

Am I crazy to pay for advice like that? Anyway,

that is also my suggestion to you.

Happy Birthday Wishes in English

11. I know that you have been blessed with so much and I wish you,

 even more, blessings on your birthday and the days to come

On your Birthday,

 I wish you get all the free stuff like fun,

romance, love, peace, and friendship.

12. Stop worrying about your age;

remember that you will be older next year.

 Happy birthday.

13. Birthdays will come & go

but the wishes will live together with us

14. Some people value paper birthday cards way more than a digital wish.

So if you are one of those types,

please feel free to print this out – just remember

that you have to take the responsibility for killing a tree.

Anyway, Happy Birthday.

15. Thank you for my birthday messages.

 It’s definitely been a birthday to remember.

Happy birthday wishes in English for lover

16. I pray that you get all the happiness you are wishing for.

 Happy birthday.

17. Hope for the best but plan for the worst?

 I say enjoy the best years of your life starting with this birthday!

Happy birthday wishes 3 (7)
Happy birthday wishes 3 (7)

18. When you whispered your words of love,

 it was my heart which caught it.

 When you kissed me,

it was not my lips which felt it but my soul.

 Best birthday.

19. We talk every day,

 meet every day and still,

 it feels like I need your company more.

Friend, I’ve placed you in my heart.

 Have a nice birthday.

20.I will never lets you fall,

 I will stand up with you forever,

 I will be there for you through.

21. Sis, we are a great pair

because we always look gorgeous in our photos!

 Happy Birthday.

Wishes for family

22. When I think of my favorite foods,

 I can never make up my mind.

But when I think of my favorite people,

 I immediately know that means YOU –

 Happy Birthday!

23. You mean everything to me.

 I Love You Brother.


Have a day as special as you are.

24. Enjoy every moment, smile,

be happy and remember one thing: today is

 the most special day of the year, so live it to the fullest!

Happy birthday wishes 2

25. To the most gorgeous specimen next to me in this earth,

 happy, best birthday.

26.Some people look old and feel young.

 Some people look young and feel old.

 Some people like us look young and feel young.

 Feels good to party on your birthday doesn’t it?

27. Your birthday is a special time to celebrate

 the gift of ‘you’ to the world.

Birthday wishes new

28. I’m so glad you were born on this earth,

 because you have a brighten of my life

and filled it with joy and happiness..

happy Birthday day…

Birthday quotes with images

29. Let’s celebrate your birthday and get started on another remarkable year of your life.

Live long my dear friend. Happy birthday.

30. Friends like you are the reason

I always get back on the right track.

Wishing you a special Happy Birthday.

31. I enjoy all year which was passed before with my friends

but today I today I’m going

32. Here’s to a special birthday!

33.  May you get so intoxicated,

you forget how old you’re getting.

34. Congratulations! You’re now so old,

you’ll need performance-enhancing drugs

 just to ride a stationary bike. Happy birthday!

35. You’re so special,

your birthday should be a national holiday.

 I would be happy to volunteer as the first person

to take a day off of work in your honor. Happy birthday!”

36. Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday

 I can remember without a Facebook reminder.

37. Dad, please keep in mind that I love you so much.

I’m wishing you a lovely and colorful birthday.

Happy Birthday image (19)

38. You get an awesome feeling when your loved

one wishes you the way you want on your Born day.

 Happy A hilarious Birthday.

39. My loving brother,

 I’m so glad to have you and you’re such a friend

whom I’ll be loving throughout my entire life – Happy Birthday!

40. A mother is she who can take the place of all others,

but whose place no one can else can take.

Happy Birthday Wishes in English


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