Previous Riverdale and Journal of a Weak Youngster entertainer Ryan Grantham has been condemned

to life in a correctional facility without the chance of parole for a long time for the 2020 killing of his mom.

The by-the-book second-degree murder discipline was given over by English Columbia High Court Equity Kathleen Ker on September 21 in Vancouver

With the sentence currently a renounced end over the laws of the Canadian territory, 

the main genuine special case was the way lengthy the blameworthy arguing Grantham would need to stand by

before the presently 24-year-old could apply for parole.

The Leo Grants assigned Grantham transformed himself into police not long after shooting

his kid mother Barbara Waite toward the rear of the head on Walk 31, 2020, in the family's Squamish home, only north of Vancouver.