At the point when I let my significant other know that I needed to watch "An Allison Janney Activity Film" for a survey this week

she was somewhat surprised (albeit keen on the idea, in all honesty).

I'm supportive of startling projecting, and actually Janney has the reach to do pretty much anything, as she's demonstrated with her long

grant winning profession. Subsequently, it's not shocking that Janney is effectively the best thing about "Lou,"

 yet watching this capable entertainer give such a great amount to a film that gives literally nothing back begins to get discouraging. 

She's continually attempting to pull "Lou" into seriously fascinating region,

 however the cumbersome filmmaking and senseless content continue to pull in the other heading,

with her gifted co-stars Logan Marshall-Green and Jurnee Smollett caught in the back-and-forth.