Change is in the air for the Wonder universe today, as the MCU's longest-gestating Disney In addition to project has at last had its fitting pulled

yet don't surrender presently as there's a major silver lining to this news

 Likewise, the establishment might have furtively landed one of its greatest stars ever in an enormously stunning recast,

on the off chance that another gossip is to be accepted. How about we break on with our most recent Wonder news roundup.

Wonder's been attempting to get a Shield Wars series going for Wear Cheadle's Conflict Machine for quite a long time,

yet presently they've at last chosen to tap out… and reboot the undertaking as a film all things being equal. Normally, fans are going off the deep end about this news, 

both out of fervor that the MCU's longest-serving companion is at last getting his own film, 

yet in addition due to the wild thought circumventing that Reinforcement Wars has been knock up to the big screen

to oblige a mysterious job for Robert Downey Jr. as an A.I. Tony Unmistakable! We live in trust…