James Lastovic and his flat mate have been found safe after being blamed for their disappearance in Hawaii by their mother.

The 27-year-old star, Nevin, was climbing with Dizzari, yet the alert was sounding when the pair neglected to return.

Emma Dijdari expressed: "Update: My sister and James are fine. They got lost on their climb yet returned to their vehicle and are now back."

Emma thanking everyone who shared the concern and attempting to help find the couple.

The hunt first began when James' mother, Lucien Lastovic, posted earlier that day that her child and Nevin were missing.

She shared a photo of Nevin's nearby Days of Our Lives entertainer and described how the pair stayed at the Hanalei Cove Resort for the weekend.

She revealed that she intended to fly back to Los Angeles on Monday, yet her flight never took off.

“They were due to fly back today, yet they never took their fligh,” she composed. "It's not like them! They're both honest kids."