Entertainer Hayden Panettiere is communicating worry about what her nonappearance is meaning for her girl inwardly.

The "Legends" star had surrendered guardianship of the kid, named Kaya, when the young lady was around 3 years of age,

Panettiere expressed Wednesday on the web-based show "Red Casual conversation.

 Kaya was left being taken care of by her dad, Wladimir Klitschko.

Yet, a disrupting discussion with both Kaya and Klitschko has since made the entertainer dread that the young lady,

presently 7, is encountering "injury" without a mother around. Panettiere said that she recollected Klitschko "considering me

letting me know Kaya's going near and inquiring as to whether she can call them mother," Individuals revealed. 

"My breath hitched and my heart halted, and he was chuckling. He thought this was amusing and it was stunning to me."