Carrie Underwood is offering her number one story to the late Loretta Lynn.

Following the insight about Lynn's demise on Tuesday, Underwood posted a recognition via web-based entertainment

with a tale about her most memorable experience with the "Coal Excavator's Little girl" songstress.

"Whenever I first met Loretta Lynn was at the Fabulous Ole Opry at start of my vocation.

 I was visiting in the corner with one more craftsman and somebody strolled behind me and smacked me on the backside!" Underwood, 39, composed.

"I pivoted and she was right there… in a major shimmering dress…

giggling as she kept on strolling a few doors down at what she had recently finished… "

"This is one of my most loved stories to tell. I think it summarizes her character pretty well.

She was a cranky little gun… cordial and sweet… never reluctant to act naturally and express her genuine thoughts. Throughout the long term