Ringside News got the first beginner film, and we can affirm it is the equivalent screen capture

 Graves' hand and arm tattoos were carefully added to it to make maybe it was a spilled sex tape of the WWE couple. 

No, we will not be posting the first video, yet it's on the web in the event that you know where to search for it.

Carmella had proactively applauded back at the NSFW content

The Princess of Staten Island had requested that fans in all actuality do an examination prior to rushing to make judgment calls,

guaranteeing that the individual behind the break was attempting to undermine her WWE profession.

WWE hotshot Natalya showed support for Carmella also. WWE stars set forth some part of energy to engage the fans,

yet critics actually figure out how to destroy things for individual or unimportant additions. Such kind of conduct ought to be censured.