Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt are… not dating. They're not dating

however, they have been in a similar room as one another, which has persuaded some to think they are dating, per sources.

"Individuals have been guessing about this for some time," expressed one of Page Six's "Hollywood insiders."

"Brad isn't dating anyone," this individual added. "They have been two or multiple times together."

The more you consider it, the more it's a good idea that Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt have been continuing a few dates

possibly winding up in a similar room simultaneously — yet are not truly dating. Ratajkowski once concentrated on craftsmanship; Pitt makes workmanship

They are the two guardians. He appears to like magnificence and minds, and she's a model who distributed a book

There's sufficient there to fuel discussion for essentially a supper or two least.